How do I know when I need Garage Door Repair?

Most people call us when their Garage Door has stopped opening or closing properly. However, if you know what to look for, you can catch issues before they become the kind of major problem that gets your Garage Door stuck open when they trap car inside and makes them late for work.


Your Garage Door moves very slowly. If you have noticed that your Garage Door is not moving as quickly as it used to, and is opening crooked or not at all, this is almost certainly a problem related with the Springs. This should be repaired by one of our technicians because #1 - You can really hurt yourself, and #2 – If the GAUGE of the springs are incorrect, you can cause major problems with your Garage Door Opener or even damage your Garage Door.
We carry ALL Makes and Models of Garage Door Springs. We give a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE on our Parts. We have what you need….. The Same Day!


Your Garage Door is making clicking or grinding sounds. This is likely because the bearings need to be changed. If these parts are not replaced, the door could jam and be heavily damaged and hurt the railings, turning a simple repair into a costly headache.


You see light coming in around your door or hear whistling noises. This probably indicates that it’s time to change your Weather Stripping. This will keep the cold air outside where it belongs, prevents mice from coming in, and saves you money on your hydro bill. We carry a variety of colours and only sell top quality products.


Your Garage Door makes squealing or whining sounds. If your Garage Door makes squeaking noises when it is opening and closing, this is likely a sign that your Garage Door needs to be lubricated. This is a simple problem to fix, but if it’s not taken care of it will cause your Garage Door to wear out faster than it should.